Rules for Pools for Parents

Germs can swim in pools, too. The centers for Disease Control warns parents that kids may get sick if they drink water from a pool. When kids urinate in a pool or even swim with a dirty bottom, microorganisms may wash into the water, and chlorine –especially if it’s not at the proper level – may not eradicate them. The result: Kids (or adults) who drink the water can get stomach aches and diarrhea. In very rare instances, the pathogens may be even be fatal. To play it safe, disinvite all invisible quests by taking these steps:

  • Don’t let a child who has diarrhea into a pool. Even if he doesn’t have an accident, the microscopic germs on his skin can contaminate the pool water.
  • If your child is swimming in a diaper, check it frequently and change it immediately when it’s dirty. Even if you use the new made-for-water diapers that double as swimsuits- which do a much better job of keeping the water clean – it’s still smart to change soiled diapers quickly.
  • Never let a child who is not toilet-trained in a pool without a diaper.
  • Do diaper changes in the bathroom, not poolside, and take extra care when wiping.

Pool Safety Song

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