We sell all AMERICAN made pools.

We offer Above-ground, On-Ground and In-ground pools.

Above-ground pools are just what it sounds, they are pools that are built on Top of the ground. The sod is removed and then the dirt is leveled. In some cases there has to be a retaining wall built to keep the ground moisture away from the wall.

On-ground/Semi In-Ground can be installed totally above ground or in-ground.

In-Ground pools are built-in the ground, in most cases there is a concrete deck involved.

Steel Wallxxx
Aluminum Wallx
Wall Height48", 52", 54"42", 48", 52"42", 48"
Sand Bottomxxx
Vermiculite Bottom xx
Deep Endxx
Mesh Winter/Safety Coverx, With deck around it.xx
Automatic/Safety coverxx

There are many things that are the same on the different type of pools such as: Non-Divable, can have a Main Drain, Automatic Chlorinator, Automatic Chemical Feeder, Ladder, Walk Down Steps, Heater, Lights, Solar Cover, Solar Reels, Solid Winter Cover – they are held down differently