Wrap N Go is open for business from the week of Thanksgiving unit January 1.

Boximage2-001ed, Wrapped, Tagged & DECORATED!

  • Small Items                   $2.30
  • Medium Items              $2.80
  • Large Items                   $4.55
  • Extra Large Items       $6.30

If the use of a U-Haul box is required, the cost of the box will be charged at current U-Haul pricing plus the wrapping fee.

The Items need to be marked who they are for and who they IMG952015122295151912103they are from, we then take it from there.

We have a large selection of paper to choose from. If you want a special paper that we do not have, you can bring that in.

Over the years we have been asked to make the package “different” than what it is. Cowgirl boots became a fireplace, a lawn spreader became an old TV with rabbit ears, a car window scraper became a mailbox on a post.