In the wintertime Swim Rite Pools becomes a winter wonderland, Swim Rite becomes Santa’s workshop. Just bring us in Christmas presents that need wrapped and we will box, wrap, and decorate them for you! Swim Rite Pools makes your Christmas season less stressful by taking out the long process of wrapping presents for loved ones.

Wrap N Go operates from the week of Thanksgiving until January 1.

Prices for Wrap N Go:

Boxed, Wrapped, Tagged & DECORATED!

  • Small Items:               $2.75

  • Medium Items:          $3.50

  • Large Items:              $5.00

  • Extra Large Items:    $7.50

1st: We box, then wrap the presents.

2nd: We decorate the wrapped presents.

3rd: We write the tags, who they are from and who they are for.

4th: Your presents are ready for pick up!

It’s no fun opening a bag on Christmas day, make it a wonderful day by opening a wrapped and beautifully decorated present on Christmas.

You shouldn’t stress about wrapping presents, with Swim Rite present wrapping is not only easy, it is done beautifully and neatly decorated.

We also wrap big items or items you wouldn’t normally wrap. We also can turn normal items into other things or out of the ordinary things. For example, Cowgirl boots can become a fireplace, a lawn spreader can become an old TV with rabbit ears, a car window scraper can become a mailbox on a post.

Wrapping presents on the floor is never fun, it hurts your back and behind, so why not have Swim Rite wrap and decorate for you! We have tons of wrapping paper and decorations we use to make the perfect present for a significate other and or anyone else in the family.

Don’t know how to wrap presents? That’s okay! Swim Rite is here to wrap your presents so you can claim you wrapped them!