Aboveground Ladders and Steps

Deck Ladders

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Eliminator Heavy-Duty Inpool Ladder

Eliminator Heavy-Duty Inpool Ladder

Model 6000x

Swim Rite Pools Approved

  • Five large treads.
  • Tread’s measure 5″ x 18″ wide.
  • 22″ high handrails; 9-1/2″ span.
  • All-plastic construction.
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Adjusts to fit deck heights 42″ to 56″.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Optional #6000-EXT kit available.

Pro Series In-pool Ladder

Pro Series In-Pool Ladder-48″/52″

Model 200300

  • Designed for a pool with a deck.
  • Adjustable handrails make it easy to install and enjoy.
  • Superior strength and durability.
  • Promotional deck ladder for aboveground pools.
  • Rated to 250 lbs.

Easy Incline In-pool resin ladder

Easy Incline Resin Ladder-48″/52″

Model 200200T

  • Weight limit: 350 lbs.
  • Non-skid resin step.
  • Adjustable aluminum handrails.
  • Injection-molded body for strength.

Deck Steps

Step-1x Confer in-pool step

Step-1x Confer Step

Designed for easy pool entry

Swim Rite Pools Approved

  • Inpool Step for 48″ to 58″ pools and decks.
  • Easy, snap-together assembly
  • Large, flat steps each with 270 square inches of surface area.
  • Includes mounting brackets to fasten to deck.
  • Side openings help to reduce algae growth under unit.
  • Weight limit: 400 lbs.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Requires 40 lbs. of sand for installation.


Confer curve base step for aboveground pools

Confer Curve Base Step for aboveground pools (4 step)

  • Start with the base step unit and then expand into a complete system at any time *Note* Curve piece not included in original set.
  • Four tread unit for aboveground pools.
  • Aboveground base unit treads can be installed curving inward or outwards as a customer desire.
  • Eye-catching, graceful sloping handrails.
  • Two tone color gray treads with warm gray (beige) sidewalls and handrails to complement any pool.
  • Oversize deck mounting brackets to reach across top seat.
  • Adjustable base pad.
  • Easy assembly with no hardware required.
  • Weight limit: 400 lbs.

The Duke in-pool aboveground step

The Duke Step

  • Aqua Staircase.
  • 42.5″ x 28.5 x 40.5.
  • Ideal for smaller aboveground pools.
  • Simple to install staircase can be easily moved if necessary.
  • Stainless steel hardware and white PVC handrails.
  • Supports up to 700 lbs.

The King Step in-pool aboveground step

The King Step

  • Aqua Staircase.
  • 42.5” x 46” x 44″. 
  • stainless steel hardware.
  • white PVC handrails.
  • Supports up to 700 lbs.

A-frame Ladders

RollGuard A-Frame Safety aboveground pool ladder

RollGuard A-Frame Safety ladder

Model 7200

Swim Rite Pools Approved

  • Pleasing contemporary design in beautiful warm gray color to complement today’s brown or gray tone pools.
  • 18″ wide with 26″ handrails
  • Large 5-inch x 18-inch wide Comfortreads.
  • Inner side rails include integrated side barriers to prevent entry behind the ladder.
  • Easy Assembly with minimal hardware.
  • Adjusts to fit 48″ to 54″ tall.
  • Lockable Rollguard Barrier (lock included).
  • Extra-Large top platform.
  • Just fill side rails with water to prevent floating, no sand or bricks needed.
  • Fits pool top seats up to 14 inches wide.
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Five year warranty.

Evolution A-Frame Safety Aboveground Ladder

Evolution A-Frame Safety Ladder

Model 7100x

  • Economical yet full-featured A-Frame Ladder.
  • Adjustable to fit 48″ to 54″ high pools.
  • Each side adjusts independently.
  • Snap-lock treads for quicker easier assembly.
  • Five treads on each side.
  • Swing-up outer treads for quicker, easier assembly.
  • Outer treads can be padlocked (padlock included).
  • Full 16″ inside tread width.
  • Strong sturdy design.
  • Large top platform.
  • Minimal hardware.
  • No sand or bricks required; fills with water.
  • Five-year warranty.
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.

Eliminator A-Frame Safety Ladder

Eliminator A-Frame Safety Ladder

Model 7000x

  • Eliminator A-Frame Ladder for 48″ to 54″ pools.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Outside treads swing up into an upright position for security.
  • No sand or bricks required to prevent floating; fills with water.
  • Outer treads can be padlocked (cable lock included).
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Treads measure 5″ x 18″ wide.
  • Five-year warranty.