Pools by Swim Rite Pools

Here are some examples of pools we can do and have done in the past.

At this time, we cannot get anymore aboveground pools. We are also booked for summer 2021 for the installation of aboveground and inground pools.

In 2020, we have seen “off the chart” demand combined with supply chain disruptions we have never seen before. As if the Covid-19 pandemic was not enough, a hurricane caused a fire in a major chlorine supply plant, which is causing an even greater shortage of chlorine products. Because of the supply shortage, we are only able to purchase the amount that we purchased in 2020. We in turn will, we will be limiting our customers to the amount of chlorine dry chlorine that they purchased from us in 2020. This will be an ongoing problem until the manufacturing plant is rebuilt.

Inground pool


We sell all AMERICAN made pools. We offer Aboveground, Onground and Inground pools.

Natural Chemistry Line


We carry a full line of chemicals and test pool & spa water; we have the knowledge to work with any pool problems you face!

Swim Rite Inground Service


We construct inground and aboveground pools, we also service pools and pool equipment.

Looking for Inground Liners for 2021? Check out our Inground Liner Page below!

The Swim Rite Pools Online Store is now open!

We are selling our chemicals and other important products online for pick up or delivery. Check out some of our products. If you have an issue with the online store give us a call at 419-332-4441