Inground Pool Accessories


Swim Rite Pools offers, Molded Steps and Vinyl over steps. Molded Steps are a durable, tried, and true option for steps. Whether you select an Acrylic Fiberglass or a Thermoplastic option, you’re sure to enjoy years of enjoyment with no-hassle maintenance. We use Latham’s acrylic steps. There are multiple designs and colors that help you create your dream pool. You can also customize your own steps. Latham vinyl step features are the focal point of any vinyl pool. The vinyl liner material covers your steps, allowing continuous beauty throughout the entire pool.


Pool slides bring fun and excitement to your pool. S.R. Smith’s range of swimming pool slides include:

 Cyclone: Height: 4’5″, Flume: 6’10”
Colors: Taupe, Sandstone, Gray Granite.

Typhoon: Height: 7’4″ Flume: 9’10”
Colors: Sandstone, Grey Granite.

Rogue2: Height: 8′ Flume: 9’3″ 
Colors: White, Blue, Taupe, Gray.

HeliX2: Height: 7’4″ Flume: 12’8″
Colors: Sandstone, Grey Granite.

TurboTwister: Height 8’7″ Flume: 14′ 4″
Colors: Sandstone, Grey Granite.

*Note* not for aboveground pools

Loop Loc

LOOP-LOC’s covers are the safest swimming pool covers that put an unbreakable “Lock” on your pool to protect your family. Loop-Loc uses exclusive Computer-Aided Design that ensures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool. They always stay tight, clean and beautiful on your pool, unlike a saggy, unsightly waterbag cover that becomes a dangerous, slippery swamp after just a few rains, Loop-Loc’s super dense mesh allows rain to drain through. The cover stays dry and beautiful in any weather! 

Loop Loc introduces its new Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh Cover. Imagine opening your pool in the spring and having it look almost as clean as the day you closed it. That’s what you can expect from the new Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh Safety Covers from LOOP-LOC®. Our ultimate light-blocking fabric not only deters algae growth, but drains lightning-quick. Unlike other light blocking covers, this one drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging. It offers a new weave mesh design a unique, new weave mesh is super-strong and quick-draining. This mesh is also 50% lighter than solid safety covers for easy handling.

Loop-Loc cover with Bubbles

Automatic Cover

Easy to use, easy to choose. Why do so many homeowners consider automatic swimming pool covers an essential part of their backyards? Safety, an automatic safety cover offers the strongest possible prevention against accidents. Acting as a secure “horizontal fence,” it guards against unwanted entry by children, pets, or wild animals. Savings, an auto cover conserves money and resources. 50% reduction in electricity expenses, 70% reduction in chemical use, 70% reduction in heat loss, 90% reduction in water evaporation.  

Automatic cover half open


We sell and install Hayward Inground Heater which include stainless steel burners, corrosion-resistance heat exchangers and insulated FireTile combustion chambers. H-150H-200.

Another option is a heat pump, heat pumps work like air conditioners but instead of taking cold air out of the air, it takes hot air and uses that to generate heat. We sell and install both Hayward HeatPro Heat Pumps and Hayward Summit Heat Pump.


Hayward Heaters different sizes

Diving Boards

The diving experience is at the very heart of a backyard pool, we have exciting options to help ensure the right fit for our customers. We have a large selection of diving boards and colors you can choose from to complement your inground pool.

Image of a diving board


We recommend GloBrite pool led lights, they add brilliant multicolor LED lighting to showcase pool features, making your poolside evenings go from great to spectacular. Not only are GloBrite lights quick and easy to install, but they are also the brightest and most efficient LEDs available.

Globrite LED Lights

Solar Reels

With a solar cover reel, you can simply and easily cover and uncover your pool when you need to and store your cover when you’re not using it. The process takes mere minutes. All you must do to release or rewind your solar blanket from the reel is turn the hand-crank on whichever model you choose, and you are done!

Solar Reels for inground pool

Automatic Chlorinator

Looking to reduce the time spent on pool maintenance? Tired of that unsightly chlorine dispenser floating in the pool? The CL220 Offline Chlorinator automatically feeds chlorine to your inground pool, working with your existing pump and filter system.  Offline installation is a convenient option when replumbing or renovation is not desired. Chlorinator tubing is attached directly to the existing pipe and the returning water flows through the tubing into the chlorinator and back into the pool.  Features a simple dial valve which allows you to adjust the chlorine feed rate. Tough ABS thermoplastic body with a long-lasting Viton seal for the lid.  Holds 9 lbs. of Trichlor tablets or sticks.

Automatic Chlorinator for inground

Pool RX

Pool Rx eliminates existing algae fast and prevents algae from coming back. The chelated minerals free up low levels of chlorine to be more productive in the water, providing amazing clarity.

The minerals dissolve out of the unit completely and immediately to form a stable residual throughout the entire body of water. As the minerals pass over the Pool Rx unit during circulation, they are rejuvenated to last longer.

The minerals are used up through algae kill, backwashing, splash out and filter cleanings. For longer season, larger pools, extreme conditions, or green pools, you can add Pool Rx booster minerals when needed. Replace the Pool Rx unit at the beginning of each season for best results.

Pool RX mineral system

Salt Generator

The Hayward Aqua Rite saltwater chlorine generator is one of the largest selling systems in the world. This system automatically produces chlorine to sanitize and disinfect the water and provides a luxurious swimming experience. The in-ground pool system comes complete with the control unit.

Salt Generator