On-Ground Pools

A swimming pool is a long lasting-investment your whole family will enjoy! Let your imagination soar with the Rockwood and Champlain On-Ground/Semi-inground swimming pool. They offer the widest range of options available in the swimming pool industry today! From a clean and simple Rockwell round shape to an impressive Champlain emerald shape. Our On-Ground/Semi-Inground are so well engineered they can be installed totally aboveground or inground.

On-Ground Pool Picture
Laying out the panels
Anchor buttress

The process of installing an On-ground pool.

Step 1: They will mark out the shape of the pool on the land. Then, the crew will start the excavation process.

Step 2: After finishing excavation of the area, they start laying out the panels to put up.

Step 3: Next the crew anchors the buttresses into place.

Step 4: Is the installation of the liner. We have a variety of liners you can choose from to complement your backyard.

Step 5: It is time for you to enjoy your very own on-ground pool!


Installation of Liner

Installation of Liner

Pool Time

Pool Time!

Choose the pool system that works for you!

Rockwood 52″

Design features make our pools the most rugged on the market.

  • The Rockwood wall systems are 52″ tall and made of z700/G235 galvanized steel, so durable that there is a limited lifetime warranty on the pool.
  • Durable polymer coping with UV inhibitors withstand the exposure to sun and provides lasting beauty.

The Rockwood pools come in round, keyhole, oval and kidney shapes.

Rockwood 52"

Champlain 42″ & 48″

Champlain features and benefits include:

  • No-weld wall construction.
  • Nine bolt panel fastening system.
  • 10-gauge buttress supports and 3/4″ x 12″ anchoring rods.
  • Our On-ground is the most corrosion-proof pool of its kind and provides years of trouble-free enjoyment.
  • Strength unsurpassed in the industry-our octagon shapes need no concrete.
  • Guaranteed unequalled support and stability for our emerald shapes so your pool will retain its shape without a lot of costly concrete.

Champlain 42" & 48"

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