Barbecued Fruit-Delicious

We hope you enjoy the following recipe and are able to use it during your poolside entertainment. Turn firm pieces of fruit into fruit kabobs after marinating them in an alcoholic sugar syrup that caramelizes the outside-giving tasty results.

Ingredients: Fruit Cubed pineapple, apples, melon, pears, mango  Whole strawberries and grapes

Marinade 3oz sugar, 4 Tlbs water, Liqueur (favorite flavor)

  1. Thread alternate fruit pieces onto skewers 2. In a medium pan gently heat the sugar and water until all the sugar has dissolved, and the syrup has thickened slightly. 3.  Allow  to cool  before adding the liqueur. 4. Brush the fruit with the marinade and set aside to enable the flavors to develop. 5. Before barbecuing, brush the kabobs once again with the marinade. 6. Barbeque over the grill, turning frequently until the outside of the fruit begins to caramelize. 7. Enjoy!