What kind of base should I use under my liner?

• Ans.: There are a lot of choices out there today, but we still recommend fine sand be used as a base. The sand should be evenly distributed and thoroughly tamped. When done correctly a sand base creates the smoothest longest lasting base out there for above ground pools. Do not use any substance with high alkaline or acid content, as it will corrode metal parts.

When should I cut in the skimmer and return?

• Ans.: The skimmer and return should be cut in when the pool is 1/3 to ½ of the way full of water. This will allow the liner to stretch into place before any cuts are made in it. If this step is done prematurely it could cause the liner to tear, or wrinkles to form.

Can I sink my pool in the ground?

• Ans.: The swimming pools that we manufacture are designed as above ground swimming pools. They are not intended to be sunk in the ground. Because of this, we do not recommend that you sink your above ground pool into the ground. If you choose to go ahead and do this anyway please be aware that you may encounter some problems down the road. For example, the corrosion process will be accelerated, and the backfill may cause the walls to cave in if the water level is ever reduced. You should also check all safety and local codes before sinking an above ground pool as it may not meet the standards once this is done.

Can I put rocks around the outside of my pool?

• Ans.: Just as we recommend with the pool base, decorative rocks are okay to place around your pool as long as you do not use any substance with high alkaline or acid content as it will corrode the metal parts of your pool. Products such as wood chips are also potentially harmful to your pool because they retain moisture. If the metal parts are constantly wet, then they will corrode faster. To prevent this from happening use a materiel that allows the moisture to drain through at a normal pace.