Spa Equipment Questions

The spa covers begin putting on pounds when the polyethylene sheeting used to wrap and protect the core is somehow breached. Moisture is then steadily absorbed into the foam, and it becomes heavier and heavier. Eventually it comes to a point where it cannot be lifted from the spa.

The sheet fails mostly due to chemicals. Improper amounts chemicals do not cause great harm to the sheet but prolonged exposure to the concentrated vapors from chemicals can cause it to lose its flexibility. This happens when you add chemicals to the spa and leave to cover on. When the chemicals are first added to the spa that they are most damaging to the cover. Make sure you leave the cover off for a half hour after treatment.

Another factor is improper water balance. Water that is not regularly balanced– and balanced correctly– is very damaging. For example, low pH and high pH can attack the covers petroleum-based material. Bring your spa water at start up and in every 3-4 weeks to Swim Rite to have it properly balanced.

The worst thing for a spa cover is Ozone. Ozone eats away at the bottom of spa covers. Many spas sold today come equipped with an ozonator. When the ozonator is turned on and used with frequent use it is doing its job but when there is a decrease in the usage and the ozonator is still on this leads to a layer of ozone gas to build up between the cover and water covers. Make sure you adjust your ozonator level according to your use of the spa.

Make sure to use a cover cleaner to help keep your spa cover in good shape.

Other things you can do:

Use a floating blanket (thick plastic sheet) cut to perfectly cover the surface of your hot tub. It floats on the surface of the water. creates a barrier between the spa water and the cover and helps to significantly reduces corrosion. (It also prevents evaporation and adds insulation.)

In the summer, unzip the vinyl cover, remove the foam and let it air out. And when you put it back in, flip it over, just like a mattress. It stops them from sagging in the middle, which can eventually damage the core foam.

You should check four things:

  1. Power, is the hot tub turned on, but nothing is working? If yes check your breakers and make sure they are not tripped. If no it is likely an electrical problem or a dirty filter.
  2. Have you checked the breakers and reset them? If the breakers have been reset and the spa starts working, make sure you keep an eye on things. If it happens again, then you need to find out what caused the breaker to re-trip. Was there a power outage in the area that could have caused them to trip?
  3. When was the last time the filter cartridge was cleaned or replaced? A dirty filter can restrict water flow, making the pump work harder, which can cause it to shut down. And if the unit shuts down during an extreme cold spell that can spell disaster for your spa and its plumbing. Do not just spray off the cartridges, chemically clean them with a filter cleaner like Baqua Spa’s Filter and Cartridge Cleaner.
  4. If you have just refilled the tub, you could have an air lock, which happens when air gets trapped in the lines of the hot tub. This makes water not flow though the lines and may keep it from heating up. Check out how to fix an air lock to see how to resolve this.

First, check your water level. If the spa is not full it will not run properly.

Second, check your power see if the hot tub is on, then check your breaker.

Third, check your filters if the filter is dirty, it could be stopping the spa from running make sure you use a filter cleaner to clean the cartridge.

If these do not work out you may want to call a spa tech to see what your issue is unfortunately, we do not have a spa tech anymore. But you can try Advance Spa Services in Toledo, OH their phone number is 419-708-8129.

Take some percautions before running your spa in the winter.

  • Make sure your auto heat or freeze protection system are active as soon as the temperature starts to drop at night.
  • If you only have a hot tub with a cycle timer system you should set it to come on for at least every 15 minutes. This ensures the water is circulating through the pipes keeping them from freezing.
  • Most spas have a Timer-Auto heat button on their control boxes flip that switch to auto heat mode.
  • If the spa has a topside thermostat control, make sure it is set past the freeze section.
  • Set the thermostat dial on high or on the max position. If the heat does not stay hot enough increase the run time.
  • Clean your spa mid-December when the temperature is still mild. This way it will not need drained and cleaned until the end of February or at the start of March.

Use a cover cleaner to clean the outside of the cover or what the manufacture recommends. Do not use household cleaners, bleach, and steel wool on the outside of the cover. For mildew use a soft brush and brush the area with 1-4 ammonia (1) to water (4). Then rinse with cold water. Remove the foam cores, mix a bucket of water, one cup of bleach and a teaspoon of dish soap. Then scrub the inside of the encasement thoroughly. Then place in the sun to dry. For the foam core wipe with a washcloth then put in the sun to dry.

Yes, you can. You could run a hot tub cold. You could do this in the summer, all you would need to do is turn down the temperature on the digital display. Then enjoy your cooling massage in the summer heat. Unless you want to freeze your lines and take the polar plunge, I would not recommend keeping your spa cold in the wintertime.

2 methods:

1st method:

  1. Determine where the priming mode on the control panel if you have one. (If you do not have that, that’s fine continue to step 2)
  2. Turn the low jets on for 10 – 20 seconds.
  3. Switch to high for 10 – 20 seconds.
  4. Continue to do this for 3 – 4 times.

If this does not work, DO NOT continue to do this it may cause damage to the pump if you run it without water. Try the 2nd method.

2nd method: You will need a screwdriver and pliers.

  1. Turn off the electric to the hot tub (hot tub GFCI breaker).
  2. Open the hot tub cabinet and then open the access panel.
  3. Find the pump then close the valve on the discharge side.
  4. Carefully unscrew the bleeder valve until you hear a hissing sound.
  5. When the hissing stops retighten the valve. It will leak if you leave it unscrewed. Water may start to leak from it showing that the air is out.
  6. Turn on the electric and see if the hot tub is working properly now.

If these do not work, it may be time to call a spa tech. We no longer have a spa tech you will have to find someone else. We recommend you get ahold of Advance Spa Services in Toledo, OH their phone number is 419-708-8129.

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