Spa Cover Care Tips

Regular maintenance on your spa cover will help protect and extend the life of your cover. And keeping it intact and in good shape is important because the cover blocks out harmful UV rays, evaporating winds and dirt and debris, ensuring balanced and clean water.

  1. Clean the cover regularly-both top and bottom-inside and out. This keeps the entire cover in uniform shape and will extend its life. The UV protection is great for a spa exposed to the sun because it will help prevent fading. And regular use of a good protectant will keep the vinyl supple, prevent cracking and seal out damaging moisture.  A good cleaner to use would be Baqua Spa’s Cover Cleaner.
  2. Avoid products that contain silicone oil. They will actually contribute to premature failure of the vinyl when exposed to sunlight. Products like Armor All make your spa or pool cover look great initially, but within a two-year period, it will start to crack and deteriorate.
  3. Remove the foam core periodically and flip them over. Just like a mattress, the foam starts to sag which can eventually damage the core foam.
  4. Use the straps to hold the cover on or if they have been ripped off, invest in some high wind straps. This will reduce the chances of the cover being ripped off during a wind storm and being torn.
  5. Leave the cover off 30 minutes after adding chemicals to your spa. It’s when the chemicals are first added to the spa that they are the most damaging. Damage to the protective plastic wrap around the foam core can occur, allowing water to build up in the foam. The water will make the cover heavier and it will also provide a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria.
  6. Keep your spa water in balance to protect not only your spa but your cover as well. Both high and low pH will attack a cover’s petroleum-based materials.
  7. Protect your cover from normal wear and tear that comes from taking the cover on and off –invest in a cover lift. Also protect it from being used as a chew toy by “Fido” or a scratching post by “Whiskers”.

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