Get Into Hot Water This Winter Safely

When it comes to spa care, it is more important to stress the need for regular water care, rather than focusing on specific hot water problems. With a spa’s higher temperature and increased bather load, failing to maintain the spa water can catch up with you much faster than in a pool. Aeration and circulation increase evaporation and raises the PH of the water. Keeping these factors in mind, there are three spa chemistry basics that every spa owner needs to understand and follow in order to safely enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of their spa.

Maintain adequate sanitizer concentrations to protect bathers from disease and infection caused by harmful microorganisms. Baqua Spa users should maintain a sanitizer level between 30-50 ppm. Spas with Nature2 need to replace the cartridge at least every 4 months or when the spa water is changed- whichever comes first. Bromine levels of 5 ppm or higher or a Chlorine level of 3 ppm or higher are suggested levels for spas using either of these sanitizers. For all other forms of spa sanitization, follow the manufacturers recommendations.

Oxidize regularly to eliminate bather waste, promote maximum sanitizer efficiency and produce clear, sparkling water. Baqua Spa Shock should be adding the dosage rate that best fits the usage rate for your spa. Spas using Nature2, Bromine or Chlorine should use non-chlorine shock like either Spa Pure’s Spa Shock, or Brilliance Oxidizer or Oxidizing Tablets before every use to reactivate the sanitizer. With Nature2, before and after each use to reactivate the sanitizer once a week, regardless of use, add the higher dosage rate listed in the directions.

In order to protect your equipment and your investment, maintaining a proper water balance is essential. Proper water chemistry will protect against corrosive or scaling conditions and provide the right conditions for good sanitization and bather comfort. Water balance for all sanitizer types consists of: Ph 7.2-7.6, Alkalinity 80-120 and Calcium Hardness of 200-400 ppm.

Spend a little time on your spa and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come!