About Swim Rite Pools

This year, 2014 we are celebrating our 30th anniversary as owners of Swim Rite Pools, located at 2218 W. State St. Fremont. For the past 30+ years our family has been cooling off area residents by providing swimming pools and accessories through our business. Since Lanny and Jean Sieving purchased Swim Rite Pools on July 2, 1984, the store has undergone many changes, both with new additions and with merchandise. Our business has now been expanded four times and our store was rebuilt once after a 1998 fire. Lanny and Jean have both retired since; the business is now owned and operated by the next generation, son Larry and daughters Traci and Darla.

Swim Rite Pools offers its clientele many services including pool openings/closings, liner changes, total pool rebuilds, leak detection etc. Customers can also sign up for our pool maintenance service for the season or during a family vacation. We carry a large variety of pool accessories, toys, chemicals and parts.

We were chosen to be a Pacific Pools Showcase Builder. What this means to you is that a new pool owner has a Lifetime one time transferable Warranty on their Pacific Pool inground walls and steps. Pacific Pool owners also have liner prints that are not available to other pool dealers and All Pacific liners come with a 25-year warranty instead of the standard 20 year warranty.

Increasing popularity in spa ownership has lead to us having a resident “Spa Doctor.” Jerry works on a variety of makes and models of spas, including our own South Pacific Spas. With his strong determination to solve the problem and his excellent sources for unusual or discontinued parts, Jerry has made many spa owners very happy.

All of our Swim Rite employees receive special training. Members of our staff are frequently sent to seminars and conventions to keep up with the latest trends, products, and technical information in the swimming industry. Traci is a Certified Pool Operator, and Larry is a Certified Tech I and Tech II Pool Technician.  Our Service manager Eric Elder is also Certified Tech I Pool Technician. All of our service technicians are manufacturer trained.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning and running Swim Rite Pools for the past 30 years has been our loyal customer’s. Everything about our store is a family operation-from our employees to our customers. It just makes the whole experience fun, and that is what we are about.


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