What to Check if There is Problem

There are three things that every spa owner should check out if they are experiencing problems before calling the “Doctor.”

  • Is the hot tub turned on but nothing is working? If the answer is “yes”, check your breakers and make sure they’re not tripped. If the answer is “no”, it’s likely an electrical problem, or possible a dirty filter.
  • Have you checked the breakers and reset them? If the breakers have been reset and the spa starts working, keep an eye on things. If it happens again, then you need to find out what caused the breakers to re-trip. Was there a power outage in the area that could have caused them to trip?
  • When was the last time the filter cartridge was cleaned or replaced? A dirty filter can restrict water flow, making the pump work harder, which can cause it to shut down. And if the unit shuts down during an extreme cold spell that can spell disaster for your spa and its plumbing. Do not just spray off the cartridges, chemically clean them with a filter cleaner like Baqua Spa’s Filter and Cartridge Cleaner.