Common Misconceptions About Spa Care

1) A spa with an ozonator doesn’t need any chemicals. Ozonators do sanitize water, but the process alone is insufficient for most bather loads. In most cases, the simple act of climbing into the water releases enough contaminants to overwhelm the ozonator’s efforts for hours. This leaves the spa unsanitized while in use. Maintain a chemical residual, however, and the spa stays clean even after guests drop in. Ozonators can reduce the amount needed for chemicals in spas but they cannot replace them.

2) The hotter the water, the cleaner it is.  Many germs love it hot! The only thing scared away by  too hot water is a sensitive bather. No matter the temperature, a spa’s water must be balanced and sanitized.

3) Foamy bubbles are a normal part of having a hot tub. Foam in a spa indicates that something is wrong with the water balance. Properly treating hot tub water will eliminate the things that lead to foam, including body oils, soaps and excessive algaecides.

4) A spa smells when it has too much chlorine/bromine. Actually, it’s chlorimines /bromimines that smell– that is chlorine/bromine that has been spent burning up contaminants. In other words, a smelly spa does not have enough chlorine/bromine. A non-chlorine shock , like Activate or Sun-Brite Shock Tabs, should be added to reactivate the chlorine/bromine.