Accessories Make the Spa

Want more light in your life? Try a LED light. You can choose to have one color or go disco with a multicolored show..

Do you need a comfortable spot to rest your head while relaxing in your tub? Spa pillows can be found that are attached with suction cups or with a weighted pack that hangs over the edge of the spa.

Make removing your spa cover easier with a cover lift. Cover lifts are available in deck mount styles and  as well as  lifts that attach to your spa skirting   Because the spa cover is no longer being dragged off your spa onto the ground or decking,  your cover will stay in better shape.

And in case you are in need of a new cover, we can have them custom made to fit any spa. The covers are available in 4 different qualities and in a variety of colors.

Do you need steps to make accessing your spa easier? Spa steps are available in in a variety of styles and colors. You can get steps with handrails and steps that have built in storage area.

Booster seats can be purchased for anyone needing a little extra lift along with many other unusual items

Swim Rite Pools carries many of these items in stock but if they’re not in stock, we can get them for you quickly.