12′ Standard Solar Cover


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12' Standard/Heavy Solar Cover (Standard/Heavy is 8mm)

A solar cover is a great way to capture the sun’s heat and take full advantage of this natural resource to heat your aboveground or inground swimming pool. The benefits of owning a solar cover are plentiful and serve a multitude of purposes.

Cover Benefits:

  • Take advantage of the sun's FREE HEAT resulting in a warmer water.
  • Made from a durable resin material.
  • Constructed with thousands of small air bubbles to capture and transmit heat from the sun to your swimming pool.
  • Blocks undesired dirt and debris from your pool.
  • Helps prevent up to 95% of pool water evaporation, thus reducing heat loss at night or on cloudy days.
  • Helps keep your pool free from dirt and debris.

NOTE: Please remember that the bubbles on the cover face DOWN into the water!

Warranty 3 years limited warranty coverage against manufacturer's defects - 1 Full & 2 Pro-rated

**Disclaimer** Please note that solar covers may come with 2" - 11" of overlap to allow trimming to fit your pool - Trimming will NOT void the manufacturer’s warranty.