Loop Loc Covers

“Bubbles” just happens to be the name of the baby African elephant that the folks at Loop Loc show standing on their mesh cover. Their cover is made from a fine mesh that has a   minimum breaking point of 125,000 pounds.  It’s a good thing that the Loop Loc was designed so strong. During her photo shoot, Bubbles grew tired and tried to lay down on the job. She ended up putting her tusks through the cover. They stood her right back up on the  holes in the cover and the cover never tore.

The mesh cover is designed to allow rain to drain right through it and leaves and debris will simply blow away. Since rain water doesn’t collect on the top, home owners can feel better knowing that their cover does not pose a danger for children or pets.  With the Loop Loc, spring cleanup means  removing  the cover, folding it up, placing it in the storage bag, and hanging it up to dry. Standard covers collect rain, dirt, and debris on top all winter creating more clean up in the spring and a possible safety hazard

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Two other patented safety features are the Safedge and the Gapguard.  These child safety  intrusion  barriers close the dangerous gap between raised obstructions and the cover’s edge. This design prevents both children and pets from slipping between the cover and the deck.

The Loop Loc has eliminated the need  for those heavy water bags as well by creating a unique brass anchoring system. These anchors are set into a concrete or a wood deck around the pool. When not in use, the brass anchors fit flush with the deck so no need to worry about stubbing toes. This system allows the cover to be taken on and off in as little as fifteen minutes. With this ability, the cover can also be used during the summer to keep uninvited guests from using a pool while on vacation.

A Loop Loc cover is so durable, it’s  backed by  an exclusive 10 year limited warranty. During that time, your solid cover would have to be replaced three or four times. Most Loop Loc’s live long past their warranty as long as they are cared for and not left out for the mice to chew on.

The engineers at Loop Loc can construct a cover for all shapes of residential and commercial pools. Their exclusive Auto-CAD computer design assures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool. The Loop Loc has also been designed to be used on on-ground pools. However, the pools must be surrounded by a deck at least 2 feet wide.

Never forget….It’s not a Loop Loc unless you see the name right on the cover!