Winterizing Tips

BRING A WATER SAMPLE TO SWIM RITE for a complete water analysis and balancing  recommendations.

  1. CLEAN THE POOL by vacuuming and skimming until the water is clear. Remove any debris from the skimmer and pump strainers. Clean pool walls (bath tub ring) with Baquacil Surface Cleaner.
  2. LOWER THE WATER LEVEL following the manufacture’s directions to determine the proper water level. We usually lower the water 2-4 inches below the skimmer for an inground pool with a solid cover or 12-18 inches from the top  of  the coping for a Loop  Loc Cover.  For  an  above  ground  pool,  2-4 inches  below the skimmer is suggested. If your  inground or above ground pool is covered with a solid cover and your skimmer is equipped with an Aquador, there is no need to drain any water.
  3. SHUT DOWN ELECTRICAL/GAS SYSTEMS and remove any fuses or breakers that control power to the pool.
  4. WINTERIZE YOUR POOL PLUMBING by draining the water from the filter, pump, heater, automatic chlorinator and any exposed pipes to avoid freezing and breaking. Because this is a total shutdown of the pool, make sure there’s no water in any part of the plumbing system that is underground by blowing air back into pool through the pipes. The pipes should have the winter plugs put into them at this time.
    • Add a non-toxic swimming pool antifreeze – RV antifreeze can promote the growth of algae -one gallon for every 10 feet of line. For an inground pool, pack your skimmer with styrofoam after inserting the gizzmo.
  5. CLEAN AND STORE EQUIPMENT by removing the diving board, ladder, and solar cover. Store the board flat to  prevent warping. Clean the filter media with a filter cleaner.
  6. ADD ALL CHEMICALS recommended by Swim Rite Pools. Correct pH to a range of 7.2-7.4. Add either 1 bottle of Pool Winter Magic from Natural Chemistry or 1 bottle of Pool Winter Magic with Phos Free per 25,000 gallons.
    • For chlorine pools:  Add 1 gallon of liquid chlorine for every 5,000 gallons of  pool water and 1 winterizing kit per 12,000 gallons of pool water.
    • For Baquacil:  Add a maintenance dose of  Baqua Shock, weekly dose of Baquacil Algicide, and top up your  Baquacil level to 50  ppm.


Note: If you are aware of any tears or holes  in the liner, remember to patch them before closing. Or if you have been adding  more  water  to  the pool  than  can be contributed  to  evaporation,  make  sure that there are no leaks in the liner to avoid  any  problems caused by losing water over the winter.