Opening Tips

1) Check Filtration System –  The heart of any pool is its filtration system. Make sure all components are in working order and that the filter is running before adding any pool chemicals.

2) Remove any water from the top of the winter cover (unless you have a mesh cover such as a Loop-Loc), and clean the cover with Baqua Fresh cover cleaner, it cleans away soil and other debris to prevent unnecessary deterioration of pool and solar cover.

3) Remove all winter plugs, anti-freeze and gizmo’s, as applicable to your pool. If you used OUR anti-freeze last fall it can be blown back into the pool. However, RV anti-freeze MUST be removed as thoroughly as possible because it promotes the growth of algae.

4) Fill the pool to operating level. While the pool is filling, hook up your pump and filter.

5) When the pool is up to operating level, prime the pump if necessary by putting water into the pump basket and filling the lines with water.

6) Open the air bleeder and then turn on the pump. When the air is all out close the air bleeder.

7) Filter the water for 24 hours continuously, vacuum and skim the pool as needed.

8) Bring in a water sample and get a personalized prescription for balancing your pool to get the season started in great shape!

Pool water “balance” is determined by several factors including: pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. Your pool professional has the equipment and expertise to analyze your pool water and recommend exactly what you’ll need to balance your pool water