Zeobrite Swimming Pool Filtration Media

ZEOBRITE SWIMMING POOL FILTRATION MEDIA “THE ULTIMATE MEDIA FOR SAND FILTERS” SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Zeobrite  is an all-natural zeolite mineral consisting of a high-surface area and large internal void space for effective filtration of silt and colloidal particles. Pressure drop (head loss) in clean media is less than in typical silica sand sized 0.45mm–0.55mm. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: Particle Size 0.5mm-1.5mm Uniformity Coefficient 1.64 Effective Size 0.55mm Shape Factor 0.68 Wet Particle Density 1,800 grams/liter Abrasion, ASTM C-131 20, grading C, @ 500 revolutions KEY PROPERTIES: For swimming pool filtration, Zeobrite  traps particles down to 3 microns within the internal cavities of each granule. Larger particles are trapped between and on the surface of the granules. The loading capacity of contaminants on the granules is much larger than silica sand, which allows less frequent backwashing of the media. UPC CODE 84032-50100 (50lb) 84032-50110 (25lb) PACKAGING Zeobrite  is packaged in 50lb or 25lb, colorful, display bags, 40 (50lb) and 80 (25lb) bags per pallet; stretch wrapped on 4-way, hardwood, GMA pallets. AVAILABILITY Zeobrite  is sold throughout the United States at authorized wholesale and retail outlets. ZEOTECH CORPORATION, P.O. BOX 1718, FORT WORTH, TX 76101 Tel: (800) 575-7877 Fax: (817) 335-4801 www.zeotechcorp.com