Natural Chemistry Family of Products

Pool & Spa

Natural Chemistry is the leading specialty chemical manufacturer in the swimming pool industry. Our goal is to provide the best possible product to either solve a problem, or enhance the swimming experience for the pool owner, or user. We started out as the primary provider of enzyme and phosphate removal products to the industry and have expanded our unique product line to solve virtually any water quality issue that you may face.

All of our products can be used with any method of sanitization, from chlorine to salt generators. Our family of products will not only reduce the time and labor involved with taking care of a swimming pool, but will also greatly enhance the current program that you are using.

We are committed to the development of products that improve the overall efficiency of your pool and spa. We ensure that our products will perform as promised. We invite you to read all about our products and programs, and encourage you to take advantage of the benefits our products provide.

Pool Magic™ Spring & Fall

Quick, Easy Spring Openings Pool Magic™ Spring & Fall uses SMARTZyme™ technology that is designed specifically to work in cold...

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Pool Perfect®

Helps Clean the Water and Filter This concentrated SMARTZyme™ technology breaks down suntan oils, cosmetics, body oils and other non-living...

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Pool Perfect® + Phosfree®

Superior Water Quality- Less Work! Regular pool maintenance is easy with Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect® + PHOSfree. The benefits of...

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Clean & Perfect™

The Perfect All Purpose Cleaner! SMARTZyme™ technology makes Clean & Perfect™ the perfect indoor/outdoor cleaner. It cleans even the toughest...

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Stainfree™ Safely Removes Metal Stains From Pools Stainfree™ is a citric acid product that removes metal staining on pool liners...

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Protects Against Metal Staining Metalfree™ is a highly effective metal chelating agent that protects against staining and discoloration from trace...

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Bulk Phosphate Remover Phosfloc™ is a high grade, iron free floc that dissolves instantly in water. When used as directed,...

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Cleans Where You Can't! PURGE attacks the root cause of most pool maintenance problems, the buildup of non-living organic waste...

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Pool First Aid™

Clear Cloudy Pools Fast! Pool First Aid™ combines our powerful SMARTZyme™ technology with an organic clarifier to fix pool problems...

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Clear and Perfect™

Clear and Perfect™ is a technologically advanced and highly concentrated pool water clarifier. Use to effectively and quickly clear cloudy...

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The Natural Clarifier Clear™ is a natural clarifier made from the recycled shells of crabs and various sea life. Crabs...

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Algae Break 90®

90 Day Algaecide To control algae in your swimming pool, simply add Algae Break 90® every three months. Your pool...

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Hair ReNew™

Quick and Easy Hair Revitalizer Hair ReNEW gently treats hair damage that is caused from sources such as chlorine, UV...

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Pool Perfect®Total™

New from Natural Chemistry! Regular pool maintenance is easy with Natural Chemistry’s Pool Perfect Total. This product contains our industry...

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