Pool Filters

There are many different types of filters on the market today most of the filters work on the same principles. The water is drawn from the pool to the pump then pushed through the filter media, cloth, paper, sand, or diatomaceous earth {DE}. The filtered water then returns to the pool.

Different types of filters will remove different size particles from the pool water. A DE Filter will filter out particles as tiny as 1 micron or for comparison, the size of a baseball. A Cartridge filter will filter out particles as small as 20 micron or the size of a soccerball. The sand filter will filter out only down to 30 microns or the size of a basketball.

Remember that regardless of the type of filter you have, filter cleaning and maintenance is necessary to ensure water clarity. All filters need to be chemically cleaned at least once a season, more often if there has been a problem with the such as algae or water mold.