When should I open my pool?

To determine when to open your pool, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. When do I want to be able to swim by if the weather permits?  Is my winter cover mesh or solid? How did my water look when I closed it? If you want to be able to swim by June 1 (for example) plan on having your pool opened for at least two weeks so that you have time to get your pool cleaned, clear, balanced and warmed up- of course the warming is dependent on Mother Nature unless you have a heater. A mesh cover needs to be opened at the end of April to the first part of May to prevent the water from turning green. A solid cover can be left covered a little longer-just keep in mind that algae starts to grow when the water temperature reaches 50-55 degrees. If your water was cloudy or green when you closed it last fall, plan on opening it earlier than you normally do. The debris will provide food for algae growth unless treated.

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